Prenatal Cradle

Prenatal Cradle

Manufacturer:  Its You Babe, LLC

Prenatal Cradles are world-famous maternity support garments for women who are pregnant. They help to relieve pain and discomfort resulting from pregnancy, while helping to distribute weight evenly allowing for increased mobility without incurring unnecessary pain or placing the developing baby at any risk of injury resulting from reasonable activities such as exercise.

Prenatal Cradle

The Original Prenatal Cradle Maternity Support

The technology with which the Prenatal Cradle is designed is patented in the United States, which essentially means that no other company besides the manufacturer has the legal right to produce the product. However, the manufacturer may choose to sell it to whomever they wish, including yours' truly.

Maternity belts and other more complex maternity supports are becoming increasingly common for a couple of reasons. First, they enable the mother to partake in many activities she would otherwise be unable to, and in addition they relieve pain through proper weight distribution and support, helping to reduce the risk of the mother taking pain medicine while pregnant.

To Determine Your Size:

Extra Petite: 0-3 (pant size); 90-125 lbs (current weight) Petite: 3-6 (pant size); 125-145 lbs (current weight) Small: 7-10 (pant size); 145-175 lbs (current weight) Medium: 10-14 (pant size); 175-200 lbs (current weight) Medium/Large: 14-18 (pant size); 200-250 lbs (current weight) Large: 18-24 (pant size); 250-300 lbs (current weight) X-Large: 24+ (pant size); 300-350 lbs (current weight) Tall/Small: 10-14 (pant size); 145-200 lbs (current weight) Tall/Medium: 14-18 (pant size); 200-250 lbs (current weight)
(*Tall Sizes Recommended for Women 5'10" Tall and Up*)

Shipping Information:

The Prenatal Cradle ships according to the customer's choice of shipping method. Various options are available that range in price and rate-of-delivery.

Where to Buy:

The original Prenatal Cradle and the entire line of Prenatal Cradle products are available for purchase at Egan Medical Equipment and Supply (